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Learn how to start and continue a conversation

——   Created by Serena Greenslade

Learn the basics of easy conversation, no silly techniques just common sense help. Includes a section on using the phone

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Speaking Anxiety is the number one social phobia and if you're one of the many sufferers it can make your life much more difficult than it needs to be.

Luckily, confident speaking is a skill which can be learned. Some people are just naturally quiet but are confident enough to be able to speak when they have to. Other people are very shy and think that they're going to somehow make a fool of themselves if they speak. Others think that they sound strange, they imagine they've got a speech impediment when they haven't. 

Having a conversation should always be fun. Think back to a time when you've been busy chatting to a friend and then suddenly realised you've been talking for 2 hours! 

This course will show you how to feel confident when you are speaking and will give you some ideas for questions to ask or comments to make to get a conversation going or to keep a conversation going.  

There are exercises for you to try so that you will be able to talk to strangers. I was like you and in this course I combine my learnt technical expertise (qualified to Fellowship level) with the anxieties I suffered in my younger life! 

Are you like I was? Terrified of the phone ringing in case you have to answer it or just praying and hoping that the person you need to contact has an email address or a contact page or live chat so that you don't need to use the phone?

This part of the course is based on my knowledge as a highly qualified elocution teacher and on my own personal experiences of having what I can only call a phone phobia.

Using the phone is still not my first choice when it comes to communicating but I do use the phone now with hardly any stress or anxiety and this course will talk you through the processes I use to achieve this.

The course project

Imagine you are in a queue in a shop and the person behind you starts to talk to you. They say 'busy in here today isn't it?' What would you answer so that they can continue after you have spoken?

If you find it easier, start by writing it down and then write what you think their reply or response would be. What would your response? 

Try another example, what would you say if someone asks you where you work? If you know someone who is very chatty imagine how they would respond.

Once you have written it out, say it out loud.

17 Lessons

3 mins
Speaking Anxiety
free preview
7 mins
Starting a conversation
3 mins
Be heard
free preview
4 mins
Be a good listener
4 mins
Speak on a phone
3 mins
Going to new places
10 mins
Top tips for sepaking
4 mins
Topics for a conversation
Bonus section How to speak on the phone
3 mins
Speaking on the phone - Introduction
6 mins
Knowing what to say
6 mins
Now speak
6 mins
phone speaking after making notes
5 mins
Giving your details
2 mins
Practise answering the phone
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About the instructor

It you!

Serena Greenslade is an experienced speech confidence coach from Dorset, UK and she now lives in central Portugal. Serena qualified in 1994 (A.N.E.A.) as an …

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