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The Ultimate HTML Developer - Learn to Code with HTML

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

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More about this course

The Ultimate HTML Developer 2021 Edition is the re-recorded, modernized and higher quality version of the original Ultimate HTML Developer Course.

This course is about teaching you proper HTML. HTML is the structure behind every web page and you cannot create a website without using HTML, including mobile websites and cross-platform compatible HTML5 apps.

100% of all web development jobs require HTML knowledge. This course will take you from complete beginner to expert.

I've also designed this course in a special way to prepare you for the real world. We'll look at real life HTML code, learn how to write HTML form scratch and how to "hack" up the source code of a website. 

If you are interested in becoming a web developer.. learning HTML is the first step you MUST take (it's not optional; everybody starts by learning HTML). 

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about HTML and HTML5. Even if you know HTML, this course will teach you the ins and outs of HTML/HTML5 and challenge what you think you know.

This course specializes in HTML only. You will become an expert in just a few hours!

Why would you consider taking this course?

If you have an idea, want to start a company or just want to make websites for fun, this course is for you. The Ultimate HTML Developer 2020 Edition gives you all the HTML skills you will need to succeed as a web developer.

What comes with this course?

  • Ultra high quality video and audio, professionally developed. 
  • Access to all the code so we can write code together. 
  • Direct access to me. Ask questions and get help at any time!
  • You and me are going to be coding together.
  • Almost every video has a hands-on task to get real life experience and practice.
  • Direct face time with me. I don't hide behind the camera. 
  • No bloat. This course has all the excess "nonsense" stripped out of it.
  • Guidance on what to learn after HTML.
  • Explanations about everything.

By the end of this course you will know as much HTML as a college student and you'll be 100% ready to move on to the next step as a professional: CSS and JavaScript.

Throughout this course you'll also be introduced to a little CSS so you'll be prepared to take your next class after this one. You'll also see a tiny bit of JavaScript. The idea is to lightly expose you to future subjects you'll be learning without overwhelming you. 

The course project

Create a full web page

At the end of the course you'll be creating an entire web page on your own. It'll have a navigation, header, footer, side bar, blog posts, images, and a video! 

Mini projects

Mini projects are "tasks" at the end of nearly every video and they give you real life experience right away. Learning in small bite-size pieces has been proven to be the best way to learn. Watch a little video, write some code. Watch some more, write some more code.

Definitely test out everything you're learning in each lesson. It's completely safe to try anything in HTML; you can't break anything with HTML so feel free to try EVERYTHING!

Don't forget, you can download all the code you see in this course from the Project Files, or directly on GitHub for everybody to freely use

49 Lessons

4 mins
What is HTML?
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3 mins
Getting started
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4 mins
4 mins
9 mins
7 mins
Hello world
3 mins
Page title
4 mins
9 mins
8 mins
7 mins
Line breaks
6 mins
Bold strong
4 mins
Italic emphasis
5 mins
10 mins
Code comments
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Kalob Taulien
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Hi everybody! I'm Kalob Taulien.

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