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HTML5 2021: HTML Authoring Certification Course

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Learn HTML Authoring and Earn the HTML5 Specialist Certification

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My Guarantee: If this is not the best course you've taken on Arbington, please take advantage of Arbington's refund policy and get your money back!

Yes, I am THAT confident that you will be beyond satisfied with this HTML5 Course and Certification program.

My name is Mark Lassoff, and I am the author and instructor for this course. If you've heard my name before it's because 1.5 million people have learned to code from me online on Arbington and other venues. That's a lot of folks!

Don't be fooled by those 20+ hour courses that also claim to teach HTML. This course and certification program will teach you everything you need to know, and won't waste your time with superfluous information designed to make the course seem more valuable.  HTML5 2019: HTML Authoring Certification Course is for folks who don't have time to waste and want the recognition that being a certified professional carries.

Here's what four people who completed the program and earned their certification think:

The Reviews Are In!

"This is a great course. It is very easy to follow and gives lots practice/hands on work and projects so you can really get a feel for what you are doing and cement your knowledge and skills. It starts with the very basics to give you a great foundation and moves up from there. Plus you get a real-life certification that you can use anywhere, even place the bade of your LinkedIn profile to highlight that you have been trained and certified in HTML5." -Stacie M.

"This is a great course and Mark is an excellent teacher. I really like that this course is just a little over 4 hours and doesn't take a long time to get through. I like that there are high quality videos, articles and labs. Plenty of labs for practice. Mark is very clear and this was the first course that explained it in a way I can understand. If you want to learn html5 and css I would recommend this course. Plus you get a certification when finished." --Michael K.

"I want to thank you for your excellent teaching style. I just completed my first course, HTML5 Authoring, and am very happy to have completed it and received my certification. I am glad I can keep up and retain the immense amount of information you share with us..."  - Gina S.

"Mark, I can't believe I did it! I have never done anything technical in my life, and while it wasn't easy, I was able to follow all your lessons and succeed in the lab exercises. Thank you so much. I am so excited to be certified..." - Bryan P.

If you're looking for something that is beyond just a course, that sets you up for success and guarantees your learning you should read on.

Certification: The Recognition You Deserve

Enrolling in this course will make you a candidate for the Framework HTML5 Specialist Certification. This Certification is earned by completing all the lessons in the course and turning in each lab exercise and final project as directed the course content. There is NO exam required to earn your certification.  (We think the actual code you write is a much better indicator of your knowledge than artificial exam!)

As an HTML5 Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help companies, brands and development firms to create high-quality HTML5 code. Your knowledge will be critical to teams that develop apps with HTML5 as you help them create high quality, highly maintainable code.

This certification is not just a piece of paper to hang on your wall. The HTML5 Specialist Designation is validated by Credential (dot net). That means your certification will appear on an independent Credential page accessible by private URL. You'll also be able to list the certification on your LinkedIn account so everyone can see your accomplishment. (Employers have been known to scan for certified individuals on LinkedIn.)

Help When You Need It

You're not trying to complete your certification alone. We have an active, helpful community of members and expert instructors standing by to help you and answer questions. The community is also where you'll get to know the other members, share experiences and your success as you complete certification.

The Framework Success System

Your success is our success.

That's why we've invested heavily in the Framework Success System. We're not just making shows about tech-- but we're helping you learn valuable skills that will start your career in digital technology.

Here's what you need to know about our system:

I. You'll Learn More Quickly From Our Videos with the Framework Video Countdown

Each new video we produce will display the subjects covered in the video along the right-hand side of the screen. This will help you navigate through the video and rapidly find any portions of the video you need to rewatch for reference or review.

II. You'll get a second exposure to all the information presented in a video from the Framework Course Guide

Everyone learns a little differently. Years of academic research has told us that.

Our unique course guides review all of the critical points made in the video lectures, giving you a second exposure to the information. This second exposure will help you retain the material and be able to apply it to your own digital development work.

The Framework Course Guide is like getting a free HTML5 book with your course.

III. You Gain Experience with Confidence-Building Activities

With every video, Framework Television includes a series of activities that will help you retain the information in the video and the course guide. Digital development is a learn-by-doing activity and the more you practice, the more successful you'll be.

We want to help you achieve your goals, and the Framework Success System supports your success.

To Sum It Up

With our "best course you've taken" guarantee, online help community, no-exam-required certification, and proven success system, enrolling in this program is a no-brainer. Click the enroll button and get on the road to success with HTML5!

17 Lessons

8 mins
Basic Document Structure
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5 mins
Heading Tags
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3 mins
Paragraph Tags
7 mins
More HTML5 Tags
14 mins
CSS Text
10 mins
Div and Span
9 mins
Google Fonts
6 mins
CSS Libraries
6 mins
10 mins
16 mins
12 mins
19 mins
8 mins
10 mins
Box Model
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