Learn iClone 7 | Character Creator | Unreal Engine Pipeline

——   Created by Michael Ricks

Learn The Powerful Workflow Of Character Creator 3 to iClone To Unreal Engine & Create Amazing Characters & Animations!

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In this course you will learn one of the most powerful animation workflows available today - Reallusion's Character Creator 3, iClone 7 and Unreal Engine! 

  • Learn how to create an original 3D Character in Character Creator 3
  • Learn how to send your character to iClone 7 ready for animation
  • Learn how to pose and animate your character in iClone 7
  • Learn how to perform facial animation and lip sync with your character
  • Discover how to use powerful tools such as Motion Puppet, Direct Puppet and Face Puppet
  • You will learn how to record your animations for later use on other characters
  • You will learn how to render and export your video from iClone 7
  • You will learn how to use "Live-Link" to send your character to Unreal Engine for animation and scene setup
  • You will learn how to setup your scene in Unreal Engine and record the animation there

You will also learn how to setup and use the amazing LIVE Face App for iPhone X, 11, or 12 to create high quality lip sync and facial animations! 

You're going to love how intuitive and simple it is to create your very own custom character in Character Creator 3! In no time at all you will be creating broadcast and film quality characters that are rigged and ready to animate in iClone 7!  You will learn how to apply mocap animations to your character and adjust the animation to your liking - all within iClone 7.

After that you will discover the powerful workflow of sending your character and animation to Unreal Engine, using Live-Link, and then record your animation inside of Unreal Engine in real-time!

And the best part? It's FUN! Now is the perfect time to jump in and learn this powerful workflow that will assist you in bringing your creative vision to life.

I'll see you on the inside!

  • iClone 7, Character Creator 3, 3DXchange and Unreal Engine (30 day trial versions of these are available and Unreal Engine is free)

40 Lessons

Introduction - How To Create A Toon Character In This Course
free preview
Let's Get Started By Resizing Our Character's Body and Head
free preview
Let’s Give Our Character a Nose Job!
Let’s Plump Up Those Lips!
Toon Girl Ear Shape
Toon Girl Eyes - The Window To The Soul!
Toon Girl Head Shape
Toon Girl - Let's Smooth Some Details On Her Head
Toon Girl - Let's Add Some Beautiful Hair
Change Eye Color & Eyelashes
Add SkinGen & Makeup To Toon Girl!
Toon Girl - How To Enlarge Iris & Pupil
Toon Girl Teeth Shapes
Toon Girl Teeth Materials & Colors
Time To Pick Out Toon Girl's Wardrobe!
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I've been making films and doing visual effects on indie films for over 15 years. When I discovered Unreal Engine 4 I was blown away by it's realistic real-time rendering engine! I immediately saw that Unreal Engine (UE4) was a game changer and that it had now become possible for a …

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