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——   Created by István Szép

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3h 29m
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The course is teaching everything one should know to work efficiently with the free and open source graphic design program Inkscape. As a free program, there are plenty of short tutorials about Inkscape, but not a comprehensive video tutorial like this was made before! These lessons are not for solving individual tasks (like how to create a banner, how to draw a fish etc.) but rather going through all the tools one can need to understand and use Inkscape on an amateur or even professional level! Apart from sharing the tools, I also give my tricks and tips I developed myself as a designer working with Inkscape for years. 

There are 30 lectures of varying length, and .svg files are provided where needed, so students can learn and experiment. This is how the course is built up: 

  1. In the first set of lectures we go through the basic tools, and understand how Inkscape works.
  2. Then the more complex tools follow, and we create more elaborate designs.
  3. Then I'm sharing some illustration tips and tricks, that will make for clever and outstanding illustration.
  4. And in the final lessons we create a Christmas card together, using all the tools and knowledge acquired during the course.

Have fun and ask when you need help! New videos will be added to the course upon request! 

30 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
5 mins
User interface
free preview
Your First Drawing
4 mins
Draw your first object
4 mins
Saving your work and exporting
5 mins
Select and transform objects
8 mins
Dealing with multiple objects
10 mins
Lets color it the - basics of color usage
8 mins
Shape and path
7 mins
Groups and basic drawings
Learn More Tools
12 mins
Edit path by nodes
7 mins
Another view on colors
8 mins
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About the instructor

István  Szép
István Szép
  • 4 courses

I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool …

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