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Git & GitHub 201: Intermediate Git and Modern Developer Workflow

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

Learn forking, branching, and pull requests using Git and GitHub

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More about this course

Welcome to Git &GitHub 201, a slightly more advanced course for people who are new to open source and code collaboration.

Git is the tool we use to share code so we don't step on each others toes. And GitHub is the website that lets us read all the code without having to put it all on our computer.

Make sure you read through the descriptive lessons to discover what you'll learn in this course.

The course project

Your project is to:

  1. Go to and star it
  2. Fork the repo into your account
  3. Clone your forked version onto your computer
  4. Create a new branch on your forked version (on your computer)
  5. Add a new file to the project, and push it to your new branch on your forked version of the code
  6. Create a new Pull Request

10 Lessons

2 mins
Setting up a project
4 mins
Seeing previous commits
4 mins
What are issues?
5 mins
What are branches?
5 mins
What are pull requests?
7 mins
What is forking?
1 min
Deleting a repo
4 mins
What are gists?
4 mins
Git aliases
3 mins
Your project

About the instructor

Kalob Taulien
Kalob Taulien
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Hi everybody! I'm Kalob Taulien.

Here's the TL;DR (short) version about me:

  • I have been coding since 1999 and teaching people how to code since …
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