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JavaScript 201: Intermediate level JavaScript

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

Learn modern JavaScript including Ajax and the Fetch API

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2h 26m
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Welcome to JavaScript 201: Intermediate JavaScript.

In this course you will learn concepts such as styling your code so it's always readable and easy to maintain, strict comparisons, what "scoping" is, hoisting, closures, destructuring arrays and objects, arrow functions and much more.

We'll also go through Ajax (loading data from another page without refreshing the page) and using the Fetch API for sending and receiving data in a JavaScripty way.

There's a project included that uses just about everything you will learn in this course, including working with APIs.

The course project

Your project is to create a page that can randomly generate a Star Wars character or a Pokemon using an API.

The API's are free and easy to use. If you want to take the easier route, choose Star Wars. If you want deeper knowledge about JavaScript objects, choose the Pokemon API.

More details are included in the project lesson.

28 Lessons

2 mins
Welcome to this course!
7 mins
Nicely styling your code
free preview
4 mins
Waiting for the page to load
4 mins
When the page is refreshed
5 mins
Strict comparisons
5 mins
Javascript scope
5 mins
Javascript hoisting
5 mins
Javascript closures
5 mins
Callback functions
5 mins
Strict mode
7 mins
Timeouts and intervals
6 mins
While loops
5 mins
Date formatting
6 mins
Destructuring arrays and objects
3 mins
Deleting object properties
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