Learn Real Portuguese

Learn Real Portuguese

Learn how to speak colloquial Portuguese like a native speaker "Brazilian accent" Learn Portuguese grammar

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Now Speak Portuguese (2 parts)

Now Speak Portuguese, 13+ hours of the video lessons

The lesson starts with a conversation by the end of the lesson you will be able not only to understand the conversation but to use it in a daily conversation

What do you need to know before taking this course?

Learning Portuguese is not that hard and you're going to realize that during the studying.

You don’t have to learn new words by heart. You will learn them automatically.

All you have to do is a lot of repetitions. Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition. This is the best way to learn Portuguese

The English translation (for understanding)

The recorded conversations (for pronunciation)

The question and answer parts for active participation

(to save the information in your brain)

The ultimate Portuguese tenses (beginner to advanced)

Most Portuguese learners think that Portuguese grammar is really hard because there are a lot of differences between it and English Grammar. after taking this course your idea about Portuguese grammar will change.  

Things you should know before taking this course.

1- there are tenses that exist in Portuguese not exist in English. 

2- there are 11 personal pronouns in Portuguese and we conjugate the verbs for most of them in all tenses not as in English.

3- you are going to have quizzes for each unit to practice your learning. 

starting with you from all the Portuguese tenses in the first part, going by to the advanced tenses in Portuguese.

87 Lessons

Section 1 - Do You Speak Portuguese?
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Section 2 - I Speak A little Portuguese
Section 3 - I Understand a Little Portuguese
Section 4- Everything Is Fine
Section 5 - I Am Learning Portuguese Now
Section 6 - Where is Paulista Avenue
Section 7 - The City
Section 8 - I Want To Eat Anything
Section 9 - Good Night
Section 10 - I Want To Drink Something
Section 11 - What's Your Name?
Section 12 - I'd Like To Have Dinner With You
Section 13 - The Numbers (Part 1)
Section 14 - The Numbers (Part 2)
Section 15 - Lesson 1 What Time Is It?
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My name's Mohamed, I'm language teacher, the director of Escolaonline language school, I'm from Egypt, teaching 4 languages, I started teaching, since 2007, I have the experience of teaching to foreigners in many languages because actually, I speak 4 languages perfectly, that's why I'm here to give my experience in …

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