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Learn Python from Scratch

——   Created by Metla Sudha Sekhar

Python Programming

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8h 14m
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Learn Python, The first step to Python you need to learn to succeed in application development, it is easy to learn and understand our online Python Training course program is designed for you with the complete steps to require develop dynamic website/web applications. Mr. Sudha Sekhar will explain to you even complex topics to simplify and teach you, where beginners can understand easily with real-time examples.

Create a Good and Strong base foundation in Python, With the Complete Python from Scratch with Django framework Course.

Python Skills

Python DataTypes

Python Operators

Python Compare statements

Python Methods and Functions

Python Object-Oriented Programming

Python Modules and Packages

Python Errors and Exception handling

Python Advanced Modules

Python Django Web Framework

Python Django Admin Module

Python Django Url Path Setting

Python Django Configuring Apps

A Strong Skillset at Your Hands-on Code

Learn to develop a Django web application using Python3 language. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge(language basics will help you), just a desire to learn to develop your own web applications using a trending programming language.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Python developers curious about data science
  • Who are interested in Python Language
  • People who want to become a programmer on Python

61 Lessons

Course Overview
4 mins
Course Introduction
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11 mins
Course Curriculum Overview
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Python Environment Setup
5 mins
Python What's New
7 mins
Python Command Line Basics
6 mins
Python Installation (Step by Step)
6 mins
Pycharm-CE IDE Installation
7 mins
Setting Up Environment
10 mins
Running Python Code
Python Object and Data Structures Basics
4 mins
Git and GitHub Overview
9 mins
Python Data Types
13 mins
Python Arithmetic Operators Numbers
16 mins
Variable Assignments
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About the instructor

Metla Sudha Sekhar

Mr. Sudha Sekhar is a Teacher and an IT Specialist. He passionately teaches every real-time step that leads students, as well as professionals, to become …

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