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Learn Secrets of Body Language & Tonality & Impress Others

——   Created by Mayur Pangrekar

Master your nonverbal communication

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Welcome! Your communication starts even if you have not uttered a single word from your mouth because your body is already sending signals to your listeners.

In addition to your verbal communication, the nonverbal aspect (tone, energy, ups & downs, emphasis on words, speed & volume) is also very important. With the help of this course, you will learn to interpret the body language of people around you and perfect your own non-verbal communication.

In this course, I am giving you ways to use your hands, eyes and entire body. I want to teach these methods to you so you can get others to see you as the confident, powerful person that you are. I encourage you to enroll in this course.

9 Lessons

5 mins
Is Body Language Important? Yes You Bet!
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6 mins
Master These 2 Aspects - How Do You Say Something and Body Language
Improve Your Body Language
7 mins
Wonder What Is a Gesture? 5 Benefits of Using Gestures
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4 mins
Next 3 Parts of Body Language – Posture, Expression & Flow
10 mins
Body Language Improvement – 4 Techniques
8 mins
7 Tricks To Use Your Hand Gestures
6 mins
3 Types of Eye Contacts and Secret To Impress Listeners
5 mins
What To Avoid When Making a Presentation
Verbal + Nonverbal ( Tonality & Body Language)
8 mins
3 Critical Aspects of Effective Communication and 5 Habits To Develop

About the instructor

Mayur Pangrekar

· Certified life coach, CCA, Canada, 2018

· Certified NLP coach practitioner, ICTA, Europe, 2020

· Corporate trainer

· Trained by Dr. Vivek …

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