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SQL 101: Databases for beginners

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

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Welcome to SQL 101: Databases for beginners. In this class you will learn how to manage your data by selecting data, updating data, inserting data, and deleting data. 

We'll also dive into what schemas are, how to create a table and how to delete a table. All from scratch! 

There are absolutely no requirements to take this course. And the only thing you need to get started is an internet connection and a browser on your computer. You do not need any special programs of software to take this course.

The course project

Your project is all about hands on experience without needing to install specialized software. 

Your project is to follow these steps:

  1. Create a brand new table
  2. Add 5 rows of information to your table
  3. Select 3 out of 5 rows
  4. Take a screenshot and share it with the class! 

Make sure you share your screenshot in the class project section. 

Happy databasing! 

15 Lessons

5 mins
What is a schema?
free preview
2 mins
Using a browser based tool for ease
free preview
2 mins
Selecting data
3 mins
Ordering data
3 mins
Selecting specific data
4 mins
Selecting a range of data
3 mins
Ordering selected data
4 mins
Limiting data
4 mins
Inserting data
4 mins
Updating data
3 mins
Deleting data
6 mins
Creating a table
2 mins
Truncating data
3 mins
Your project
2 mins
Deleting a table
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