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Learn the Arabic Alphabet in the easiest way

——   Created by Mahmoud Ziyada

You will learn the Arabic Alphabet in a very easy and effective way.

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3h 56m
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In this course, you will learn the Arabic Alphabet in a very easy and effective way. You will learn the sound of every letter, its name and its shape in the different positions of the word. You will know about the short vowels and the long vowels.

This course is intended for non-native Arabic learners who do not know the Arabic Alphabet.

By the end of this course you will have studied about 200 words in addition to many important and beneficial sentences.

27 Lessons

5 mins
1- Introduction
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10 mins
2- أ ، ن ، ت ، م
free preview
11 mins
3- ح ، د ، و
10 mins
4- ي ، س
7 mins
5- ل
5 mins
6- ع
6 mins
7- ب
12 mins
8- خ ، هـ
9 mins
9- ر
13 mins
10- ك
6 mins
11- ف
6 mins
12- ص
9 mins
13- ة
9 mins
14- ج ، ش
8 mins
15- Tanween
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About the instructor

Mahmoud Ziyada

I am a professional and experienced Arabic teacher. I obtained Master's Degree in Curriculum and Methodology. My thesis deals with teaching Arabic as a foreign …

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