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Learn the basics of ArcGIS for hydrology

——   Created by Paul Nicoara

Learn the basics of the main GIS software on the market and how to use it for hydrology analysis

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3h 24m
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This course will take you from a beginner in ArcGIS, from downloading data, to performing basic functions. Alonso will teach you the basic concepts, how to perform the main features in the GIS software, use the geoprocessing tools, how to export to AutoCAD, while on the hydrology side Konrad will teach you how to perform hydrology related tasks such as Calculate Flow Direction And Flow Accumulation, Watershed Delineation, Stream Segments And Catchments, Spatial Join To Catchments as well as map layout with elements.

Work side-by-side with the presentation and feel free to ask questions when you don't understand something. This tool is highly looked after in the hydrological field.


Alonso Gonzalez - GIS research assistant in Mexico

Konrad Hafen - Spatial Modeler, Analyst & Scientist in USA

20 Lessons

Introduction to ArcGIS software
7 mins
Introduction to GIS
free preview
9 mins
Introduction to ArcGIS software
11 mins
Selection by Location, attributes, clip features and tables to Excel
14 mins
Performing actions on the data: change the projections, dissolve, clip
11 mins
From .TXT and .DXF to shapefile
11 mins
Calculations with attribute table and KML files in ArcMap
11 mins
Export from ArcMap to PDF
9 mins
ArcScene 3D
15 mins
GIS Example Test
14 mins
AutoCAD Fixing Polygon Coordinates
ArcGIS for Hydrology
6 mins
Download Hydrological Data
10 mins
Calculate Flow Direction and Flow Accumulation
11 mins
Watershed Delineation
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Paul  Nicoara
Paul Nicoara
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Map making professional with over 6 years of experience.

I have worked for small and large companies in various fields, from housing agency to GPS …

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