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Learn the secrets of Millionaire Speakers

——   Created by Wolfgang Riebe

Do you speak in front of groups of people? Learn the REAL secrets to stand above the crowd form a real pro!

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Would you like to learn the real secrets of the world's most successful speakers? Whether you are a professional speaker, trainer, lecturer at a university or school - this course will teach you the 'insider' secrets of taking your speaking skills to the next level.

If you charge for your knowledge and speak in public, this course will change the way you speak and do business. One of the most important criteria of becoming a successful speaker is to be authentic and walk the talk.First ask yourself... from whom would you like to learn the real secrets of successful speaking?

A self proclaimed guru that only speaks from research, or someone that actually has done it all and really does 'walk their talk'?


"Wolfgang has the ability to distil years of experience into some real nuggets. He covers a lot of ground, but it is presented in an entertaining way, so it is easy to consume. I liked the well-structured information as well as the personal anecdotes he used to illustrate his points. If you had a good friend who was a successful speaker, this is probably the advice they would give you. I would highly recommend this course."

"Wolfgang is full of tips & tricks, has a "cheeky" sense of humor as he puts it but not afraid to tell it like it is! He's very animated and makes this course engaging, entertaining and fun to watch. You're sure to come away with multiple useful tips you can implement right away, and Wolfgang includes a lot of great resources. One of the best courses I have taken ... so far."

"What I learned here is applicable in the professional speaking field as well as other area's. This was a great course."

"That's what I appreciate... solid, no holds barred real tips that I can use!"

"I like him. He's engaging, authentic and compelling."


Wolfgang Riebe is the speaker all speakers dream about becoming! He travels the globe, speaks at high profile events and captures his audience with his unique brand of speaking.

Wolfgang has spoken in over 165 countries and presented live to over 1 million people! He was also been awarded the CSP by the National Speakers Association of the USA in 2012 - the highest honor any professional speaker can receive and a title currently held by less than 800 speakers world-wide! He was the first consecutive national president of the professional speakers association of Southern Africa from 2010 - 2012 and in 2015 become a TEDx speaker.

Here's your chance to learn the 'insider secrets' of what it really takes to make money and become hugely successful in your speaking career.

You may feel that the course fee is high... in fact I have slashed the price by 50%. I guarantee that you WILL learn the secrets to making you rich as a speaker. Myself and Arbington offers a full money back guarantee! PLUS when you sign up to the course, I will add a PERSONAL one on one 60 minute Skype session so that you can ask any further questions you may have and add even more value for yourself to this investment in your future.

Don't be misled by the 'Millionaire' title! It's not only about money! It's about you becoming a better and more effective speaker! Those speakers that are wealthy know these secrets – now they are being shared with you.

Yes, this knowledge will allow you to become a millionaire speaker, because of 'business tips and skills' shared. But more importantly, the speaking tips and insights you learn will guide you to become an authentic, powerful, commanding and sought after speaking who can make a difference!

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Speakers who want to take their career to the next level
  • Trainers at companies that want take their career to the next step
  • University lecturers who are looking for new ways to connect with their students
  • Presenters and trainers at network marketing companies who want to increase their power and presence on stage
  • Religious leaders who want to learn how to really teach with conviction
  • In fact anyone, anywhere, that speaks in front of people and who wants more from their current situation - this course WILL change the way you communicate and speak from the platform
  • Open minded individuals that have common sense and can appreciate real 'to-the-point' authentic advice

21 Lessons

24 mins
Introduction and Authenticity
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Be Different
10 mins
USP: Unique Selling Poin
Platform Skills
16 mins
Improve Your Technique
18 mins
Enhance Your Presentations
12 mins
Visual Aids
Understand Your Delegates and Clients
9 mins
Know Your Audience
19 mins
Client Behaviour
Building Your Confidence
15 mins
Stage Fright
10 mins
Dying on Stage
General Tips
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About the instructor

Wolfgang Riebe

What do students say about Wolfgang?

Your style effective and different than any other teachers I have ever studied.

Wolfgang is full of tips & …

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