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Learn to create typography art

——   Created by Nanditha Vijayan

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1h 34m
Lesson time
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Typography art is an art and technique of arranging type to make language visible. This class is going to be your stepping stone into the world of creating typography art. You will be learning

1. How to find your inspiration

2. how to go step by step in building letters on lines, inside boxes and within shapes as your basic foundational steps. You will be provided worksheets to practice and help your ideas flow freely and explore lettering in your own way.

3.We will look into some of my initial works and also learn why it is important to cherish your older works

4.Next we will look into how to take an idea and plan an artwork around it

5.After planning, when the final sketch is ready, we will edit this in photoshop. All you need to do, is to just follow me in the class if you are a beginner in photoshop. If you do not have photoshop, please create a free account on adobe and sign up for their free photoshop trial.

6.Next we will figure out a color palette for our artwork using Pinterest

7.Then we will learn how to test out a color palette using photoshop

8.And finally we will paint the artwork using gouache and tested color palette to create a full hand painted piece of artwork and frame it into a wall art print.

In this class I am going to help you to bring your ideas, thoughts and emotions into your artwork. Let us learn how to create Typography art.

Example project

Example work 2

Highlight of my work

The course project

Your class project is to create an artwork with type in it.

You will first practice letters on lines, boxes and in shapes. After your practice session , I want you to think of your ideas, emotions or feelings that you are experiencing and create an artwork based on that idea. When you submit your artworks, let me know a small description about what your idea or motivational quote or that inspiration was all about.

Sample project

14 Lessons

6 mins
Finding inspiration
free preview
11 mins
Understanding basics lines
7 mins
Understanding basics boxes
8 mins
Understanding basics shapes
5 mins
Understanding basics shapes part2
9 mins
A look into my artworks
3 mins
Planning your artwork
6 mins
Edit your sketch
3 mins
Finding colour palette on Pinterest
19 mins
Testing colour palette using Photoshop
8 mins
Hand painted part 1
12 mins
Hand painted part 2
2 mins
It is time to frame
3 mins
Project & final thoughts


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