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Learn to Paint Modern Landscapes

——   Created by Yvette St. Amant

Creating Five Trend Worthy Landscape Paintings

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2h 55m
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Join me in this course where I focus on five different style techniques in creating modern landscape paintings. I will show you the most important thing you need to know when creating modern landscapes and guide you through the composition process of each painting. You will learn my color block technique inspired by printmaking and I’ll show you how to manipulate each composition to create an entirely unique painting style for each piece of art. This course includes 30 Lessons which focus on color selection and color blocking, simplifying subjects, and drawing the perfect composition.

The course project

You will create five unique modern landscape painting teaching you the skills you need so that you can create your own artwork inspired by your love of landscapes. For your final project I'll challenge you to get your own inspirational image and select a color scheme to create your very own unique modern landscape painting.

30 Lessons

3 mins
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4 mins
Banff Landscape Supplies
free preview
8 mins
Drawing Banff Landscape
7 mins
Painting Banff Landscape - Sky & Water
8 mins
Painting Banff Landscape - Clouds & Shoreline
7 mins
Painting Banff Landscape - Mountain Range
7 mins
Painting Banff Landscape - Detailing Mountain Range
5 mins
Painting Banff Landscape - Water Reflection & Rock Cliffs
9 mins
Painting Banff Landscape - Trees
2 mins
Desert Landscape Supplies
10 mins
Drawing Desert Landscape
8 mins
Painting Desert Landscape
8 mins
Linework For Desert Landscape
2 mins
Coastal Landscape Supplies
5 mins
Drawing Coastal Landscape
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About the instructor

Yvette St. Amant

I have been publishing and licensing my art for nearly 20 years. Creating art for the home décor industry is my specialty. My art is …

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