VS Code 101: Setup a beautiful code editor

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

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Welcome to VS Code 101: A beautiful code editor. 

Code editors, also known as "text editors", are special programs programmers and web developers use to write code. It's special because it doesn't add any extra data under the hood. Ever notice how an empty .docx file is 1mb even though there's no data in it? Code editors prevent that from happening. 

In this mini class I'm going to show you exactly how I use VS Code.

I made this course because my most popular question is: What theme are you using? And what extensions do you use? 

To get the most out of this course you should already be coding and have written at least a few lines of code. 

I'll show you how I use VS Code, popular tools and features, and how to customize your VS Code program. You'll even learn shortcuts and hotkeys to be a more efficient programmer. 

This course is suitable for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

At the end of the course is a project where you will customize your VS Code and change your own VS Code. Have some fun with it and make it the way you want! 

The course project

Your project is to create a nice looking VS Code for you to use as a coder/programmer. 

Take a screenshot of your VS Code with the extension you use. Below is an example of mine. 

11 Lessons

How to install a new theme
free preview
How to add theme icons
free preview
Popular extensions to use
free preview
How I personally use VS Code
Moving around VS Code
Shortcuts and hotkeys
How to manage your files while coding
Different "views" in VS Code
Typing in two places at once
Multiple cursors
Your project
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About the instructor

Hi everybody! I'm Kalob Taulien.

Here's the TL;DR (short) version about me:

  • I have been coding since 1999 and teaching people how to code since 2011
  • I have over 500,000 web development students world-wide
  • I'm on the Wagtail CMS core development team (Wagtail is Python's #1 most popular website making …
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