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Project Grenade-Game ready asset!

——   Created by Milivoj Popovic

Learn Zbrush Hard Surface modeling, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag and so much more!

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11h 41m
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Guiding you on this journey is an award winning digital sculptor, Art Academy professor and a studio head with over 15 years of industry experience!


No prior knowledge of Substance needed!

We will start in Zbrush, doing Hard Surface modeling by mastering Zmodeler! We will model a SF Grenade based on 2d design by Ben Mauro!

I will show you my workflow for doing retopology in Zbrush, we will leverage the power of booleans and polygorups, all to create an exceptional model that we will bring into Substance Painter! If you never used Substance Painter, i got you covered- with an Introduction to Substance Painter section!

We will make complex textures and materials in Substance Painter and in the end render it all within Substance Painter, export it to Photoshop to create our final hero shot with just minor CC!

BUT we will not stop there! Once that is done we will go back into Zbrush to take our sculpt to the lowest poly count possible! Once we make the low poly model, we will bring it back into Substance Painter, transfer our surface and texture material from our previous sculpt! We now how a game ready low poly model!

We will take this into Marmoset Toolbag! If you never used it before, no worries, i make an introduction to Marmoset and take you step by step as we recreate our Substance materials and create an awesome scene that is now real time rendered in Marmoset! We use the Artstation export withing Marmoset to publish our model on Artstation so you can show the world your creation in full 3d glory!


39 Lessons

My Menu and UI
13 mins
My Menu and UI
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What the heck is Zmodeler!?
12 mins
Introduction to Zmodeler part 01
25 mins
Introduction to Zmodeler part 02
Modeling the Grenade- bring it on!!
16 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 01
18 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 02
20 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 03
28 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 04
11 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 05
19 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 06
11 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 07
24 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 08
28 mins
Modeling the Grenade part 09
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About the instructor

Milivoj  Popovic

I have an MA in sculpting and I am co-founder of an award winning studio for digital content Prime Render Studios, that won over 70 …

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