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Learn Zbrush-Ultimate course 4 beginners/intermediate

——   Created by Milivoj Popovic

Zbrush Made Easy! Ultimate Zbrush 3d sculpting course for beginners/intermediate.

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32h 13m
Lesson time
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Guiding you on this journey is an award winning digital sculptor, Art Academy professor and a studio head with over 15 years of industry experience!

Every section comes with written learning material summarizing the most important points of the section!

Every section comes with a Quiz that will test your knowledge so you can make sure you learned all you need! 

Download written learning materials and Zbrush tools so you can learn even when of-line!

Updating with new videos as Zbrush updates!

Do you want to learn digital sculpting in Zbrush, by an instructor that's not only a seasoned professional but also a studio owner, sitting on the other side of the hiring table?! Learn the best possible approach and workflow to get from start to finished design, use essential tools that enable you to create any design in Zbrush. Get tips and tricks of the trade, inside thoughts of a studio project lead that will give you an edge when getting jobs in the industry!

A shout out to my friend Martin Punchev Vertexbee, how did the 2d design for the Turtle you see in the course title image!

130 Lessons

Introduction to the Course
12 mins
Introduction to the Course
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Basics of Digital Sculpting
8 mins
Basics of Digital Sculpting
Zbrush User Interface
1 min
Loading Introduction Zbrush User Interface- NOT THE BLUE UI!
4 mins
Adjusting UI for Smaller Res Displays
15 mins
Zbrush Ui
Basics of Zbrush
15 mins
Basics of Zbrush 01-Load/Save, Impot/Export, Primitives, Enter Into Edit Mode
12 mins
Basics of Zbrush 02- Perspective, Floor, Rotate Y Axes, How To Navigate in Zbrush
10 mins
Basics of Zbrush 03- Polymesh3D, Initialize Primitive
16 mins
Basics of Zbrush 04- Move, Scale, Rotate, Transpose line
13 mins
Basics of Zbrush 05- Local button, Symmetry, PolyF button
16 mins
Basics of Zbrush 06- Subtools
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About the instructor

Milivoj  Popovic

I have an MA in sculpting and I am co-founder of an award winning studio for digital content Prime Render Studios, that won over 70 …

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