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Python Programming for Absolute Beginners

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Learn practical python to gaining practical knowledge in how python is used. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, easy to learn, cross-platform, open-source with a large library, and active community. 

The course assumes you already have python3 and Anaconda already installed. But links to IDE's are provided in the first section of the course.

You'll have free -downloadable access to the course activities (Jupyter notebook files in section 1 and section 16). And some sections have comments explaining the codes other than videos so you can practice on your own.

Python 3 is the version of python used in the lectures and Jupyter notebook is the IDE used in programming for the entire duration of the course modules.

You will learn about data structures and how to manipulate data, how to manipulate variables, have a clearer understanding of data types, understand operator precedence, understand how python codes are executed-python program flow, conditions to help your code handle or make intelligent decision handling, program logic,

This course is a python programming course for absolute beginners.

Also, more course modules will be added to the course modules as at when they are being edited and ready for publishing.

23 Lessons

Installing Python and Other IDE's
Download & Installations
Variable and Naming
Learn to create, store and retrieve values from designated memory
Multi-variable declaration
Documentation help
Python Reserved Words
Python reserved words
User Input
Learn to request a user for input and get it displayed
Type Function and Type Conversion
Type Conversion
Program Flow
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