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Leaves Motif Bookmark Painting

——   Created by Mohini Sinha

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1h 25m
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More about this course

If you are a beginner/intermediate in acrylics and want to learn some realistic painting, this class is perfect!

This is an Easy Bookmark Painting class, and in this, you will learn how to create a beautiful leaves motif using acrylic/oil/poster/gouache medium at different stages.

We will use simple steps and tools so that class is simple and easy for you to understand. I've tried something different, hope you will like it.

What will we go over?

1. The tools you will need, layering technique, some basic brush technique

2: How to paint one stroke painting

3. We will start with first blocking the background, then creating different leaves motifs

4. I will teach you how to paint 4 different leaves patterns on MDF or paper

5. Finally, we will paint four different beautiful bookmarks which you can use it for your books and also gift to someone

Below are the required materials:

- Acrylic/poster/gauche/oil paint

- Brushes

- Water Container

- Tissue Paper

- 300 gsm watercolor paper or MDF board

Once you’re finished with this class, you will be able to draw and paint the beautiful patterns in detail, and you will love to share them with everyone!

Also lastly, this class is especially for those who are thinking of trying acrylics for the first time and has added an advantage to those already painting with this medium.

Thanks much!


The course project

Project Description:

For this project, you will need to paint four bookmarks using any mediums (preferred acrylic/oil)

Tools and Material used; Please refer to Class Description!

Steps to be taken:

1. Need MDF board or 300+ gsm watercolor paper or any thick paper

2. You will first need to block the background using gesso or black acrylic paint

3. Create a rough sketch of leaves and blocking

4. Detailing of leaves

5. Use the layered painting technique to paint leaves

6. Give a final touch to the painting by focusing on detailing a bit more.

7. You are done. Congrats, you should have a wonderful set of bookmark paintings in your hands.

I’m super excited to see your work, so please don’t forget to post your project, even if it’s just a work in progress.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I would love to discuss them with you.

Thanks and All the best!

Note: I've attached a high-resolution picture of the painting for reference and should help in your project. Check attachment under Resources Section.

10 Lessons

2 mins
2 mins
Materials Required
6 mins
Basic Techniques
4 mins
Base Painting
13 mins
Fern Leaves Bookmark
14 mins
Lotus Leaves Bookmark First Layer
11 mins
Lotus Leaves Bookmark Final Layer
15 mins
Basic Leaves Bookmark
20 mins
Banana Leaves Bookmark
2 mins
How To Protect The Art

About the instructor

Mohini  Sinha
Mohini Sinha
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I'm an IT Engineer by qualification and Artist at heart. After a few years of corporate life, I've moved on to my true life calling …

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