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Lemon Acrylic Painting: A Multi-Medium Study, Class 3 of 3

——   Created by Daniela Mellen

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Acrylic Paints are medium that is lends itself to all levels of creators, from beginners through master artists. Since acrylic paints are water based, they don’t require solvent cleanup, making it easy to keep tools and surfaces clean. They are readily available from craft paints to artist grade pigments, in an assortment of finishes from matte to high gloss.

In today’s class, we will explore blending and shading techniques, using acrylic paint and element of our lemon illustration. We will paint the leaves, lemons, and branch as individual chapters, carefully treating each image to capture their unique shading. From the twisted and multicolored leaves, to the brilliantly colored lemons, and the rough bark of the branch, we will capture it all with blending techniques.

This is the last of three classes that takes a closer look at the lemon illustration, We will use the same template for all three classes, but dive further into each medium.

The course project

For your Class Project, follow along as I demonstrate a painting from start to finish. Then, take inspiration from the steps and create your own Lemon Painting. Class shows an optional painted collage background, followed by a sketch of the lemon image. Download the template to help you create your sketch, then start painting the layers to build up and shadow each piece. There’s a chapter for each element of the painting, (lemon, leaves, branch) and also a chapter on adding final touches to enhance your painting further.

10 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
3 mins
Acrylic class supplies
free preview
3 mins
Canvas alternatives
6 mins
The background
3 mins
Transferring sketch to canvas
4 mins
Painting the branch
8 mins
Painting the leaves
6 mins
Painting the lemons
5 mins
Final details
3 mins
Wrap up

About the instructor

Daniela  Mellen

I live in coastal Florida and surrounded by plants, animals, marine life, and the warm sun - all things that inspire me.

I am drawn …

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