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Linux Command Line Essentials

——   Created by Jason Cannon

Become a Linux Power User!

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1h 16m
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If you want to learn how to use the Linux command and want to do it quickly, read on.

Hello. My name is Jason Cannon and I'm the author of Linux for Beginners as well as the founder of the Linux Training Academy. When I ask people to tell me what they most want to learn about the Linux operating system, they all say the same thing: the command line.

That's why I've created this course. It's designed for people who want to develop command line skills on the Linux operating system and need to do it in a short period of time.  By the end of the course you will be able to easily navigate your way around a Linux system and feel confident at the command line.

Free Bonus - Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

As an added bonus for enrolling in the Linux Command Line Essentials video training course, you'll receive a cheat sheet and reference card that lists the most important Linux commands you'll need to know. It's a great way to quickly review what you've learned in this course AND you'll be able to easily find the command and options you're looking for too.


 Here is what you will learn by taking Linux Command Line Essentials

  • What components make up the command line prompt.
  • The 8 Linux commands that you'll use almost every time you log into a Linux system.
  • Exactly where commands are located and how to find them quickly.
  • How to get help using the built-in Linux documentation system.
  • How to manage files and directories.
  • The various ways to display the contents of files and how to easily edit them.
  • And those are just the highlights… You'll learn even more along the way.

What you learn in Linux Command Line Essentials applies to any Linux environment including Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, RedHat, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, and more. 

Enroll now and start learning the skills you need to master the Linux command line!

15 Lessons

3 mins
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Linux Command Line
8 mins
Welcome to the Linux Command Line
free preview
6 mins
Basic Linux Commands
6 mins
Getting Help
9 mins
Managing Directories at the Command Line
6 mins
Viewing and Editing Files
12 mins
Managing Files at the Command Line
6 mins
Wildcards - Part One
8 mins
Wildcards - Part Two
Bonus - Command Line Kung Fu
5 mins
Tab Completion
3 mins
Rerun a Command Starting with a String
3 mins
Repeat as Root
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Jason Cannon
Jason Cannon
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Jason started his career as a Unix and Linux System Engineer in 1999. Since that time he has utilized his Linux skills at companies such …

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