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Linux for Cloud & DevOps Engineers

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Linux basics about files, directories, installations, networking, system configuration, user management etc...

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As you all know in the current IT market Linux became a pre-request to learn most of the trending technologies. IT industry also uses Linux as there base Operating System in the majority cases. Hence this course helps you to understand how Linux works from basics. Once you learn complete this course you can able to

Fulfill your regular tasks on the Linux server

Easily start learning most of the trending technologies like AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, Python, BigData, DataScience, etc..

38 Lessons

2 mins
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1 min
About Your Instructor
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4 mins
What is Operating System
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6 mins
Create an AWS account
6 mins
Create a Linux EC2 Instance
4 mins
Connect to Linux system using Mobaxterm from Windows
3 mins
Connect to Linux system from MAC
8 mins
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy
Files and Directories
5 mins
Basic Linux Commands
7 mins
Read a File
10 mins
Create a File
9 mins
Edit or Append Content to a File
5 mins
Create Directories
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About the instructor

Valaxy Technologies

I am a DevOps Consultant specialized in cloud and DevOps. I have been doing training for the past 5 years for hundreds of students. I …

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