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Loose & Sketchy Abstract Florals

——   Created by Jessica Sanders

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2h 15m
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Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught watercolor and mixed-media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

Let’s paint a loose and sketchy abstract florals together!! In this class for any level student, we will explore painting beautiful abstract florals.

I will walk you through painting three basic floral shapes, and practicing loose sketchy lines. I will demonstrate how to mix coral, teal, and interesting green paint colors for our watercolor flowers. Then, we will chat about layers and details. I will walk you through 2 different paintings: a small floral, and a larger coral florals painting.

This class is not a realistic class. The approach is loose, impressionistic, and abstract. Above all, our focus is on relaxing, staying loose, and enjoying the painting process. And…..secretly, almost like magic, we will improve our art and watercolor skills!

The course project

For your class project, paint some lovely abstract florals! Explore creating loose, sketchy marks and adding them to your watercolor painting. Most important, don't forget to relax and have fun! After all, that's why we got into painting in the first place!

Your project painting can be used for beautiful greeting cards, or even framed. Enjoy!!

16 Lessons

2 mins
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4 mins
free preview
7 mins
Techniques 1 - Floral Shapes
4 mins
Techniques 2 - Sketchy Marks
7 mins
Techniques 3 - Color Mixes
7 mins
Techniques 4 - Layers and Details
8 mins
Small Abstract Floral Part 1
12 mins
Small Abstract Floral Part 2
14 mins
Small Abstract Floral Part 3
15 mins
Coral Floral Painting Part 1
13 mins
Coral Floral Painting Part 2
19 mins
Coral Floral Painting Part 3
3 mins
Project and Thank You!
6 mins
Mixed Media Painting Part 1
8 mins
Florals Mixed Media Part 2
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Jessica Sanders
Jessica Sanders
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I'm Jessica, an artist, online teacher, and content creator, living in Houston, Texas. My passion is exploring art, creativity, and art supplies! It makes me …

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