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Loudness Best Practices in Audio Production

——   Created by Music Protest

Produce more professionally balanced audio at broadcast quality

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Are you one of the many musicians and producers who are doing more and more of their production in a home studio? Do you want more confidence in your mastering abilities, so that you can release your productions KNOWING that they’re up to industry standards?

Based on my experience producing music in a variety of contexts (from electronic music to licensing and studio sessions), I’ve prepared a concise course that will offer clarity to the experienced home studio engineer while also introducing the key principles to the total beginner.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Crest factor - it’s the special sauce!
  • Absolute vs Perceived loudness
  • What LUFS, dBFS and RMS mean to your production
  • How to use metering properly
  • What’s the difference between peak and ‘true’ peak
  • When is it too loud?
  • What loudness means for streaming platforms

This course is suitable for beginners even though I’ll cover many professional terms and concepts. This course is great for anyone working with audio who wants to produce more professionally balanced audio that meets the most common international standards for broadcast quality.

The course project

Load a mix and get started. Follow these steps if you're not sure where to begin:

  1. Either download the 'Amazing Grace' stems that I've provided or chose your own mix.
  2. Load the audio into your DAW
  3. Identify (take notes) the most dynamic elements in your mix
  4. Next, increase the mix's loudness using the following methods that we discussed:
  5. Simple gain/fader adjustments
  6. Taming the most dynamic elements with compression and multi-band compression.
  7. Using limiting to target your desired RMS value
  8. Achieve a final crest factor of ~5-12dB

Tip: Be willing to remix your levels from time to time. As you tame your dynamics and get a handle on your crest factor, you'll probably want to re-balance things. Professionally balanced audio is like paint - it takes many coats to do the job right!

15 Lessons

3 mins
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4 mins
Absolute vs. Perceived
free preview
5 mins
Measuring Loudness
4 mins
Punch & Clarity
5 mins
Intro to Crest Factor
3 mins
Simple Gain
6 mins
Limiting & RMS
4 mins
Avoid Squashing
7 mins
Peak Level Best Practices
5 mins
Loudness Normalization
5 mins
Using Crest Factor
10 mins
Strategic Multiband Compression
2 mins
When True Peak Matters
4 mins
Ozone Tips & Tricks
4 mins
Wrap-Up & Project
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