Make a natural perfume using essential oils

——   Created by Deanna Russell

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Make your own signature scent and take your blending to the next level!

Learn secrets about making your own personal fragrance using essential oils and absolutes. This class builds upon the Creative Blending Challenge class with Deanna Russell.

We take a deep dive into using a fragrance wheel, exploring the main sections as well as subsections within each category. The fragrance wheel is based on a model originally created by Michael Edwards.

We will cover the following fragrance categories:

  • Floral
  • Amber/Oriental
  • Woody
  • Fresh

From there we will take a deeper dive into subcategories from the fragrance wheel.

I show you step by step how to begin creating your natural perfume using building blocks called accords.

There is a workbook provided with this class so that you can follow along the lectures and record the information as you go.

How to make a natural perfume builds on the information you learned during the essential oil blending challenge, so you might want to refresh some of those concepts before jumping into this class.

There are additional resources supplied for you in the class workbook.

The course project

Project 1: Signature perfume blend

Your project will begin with making a "diffuser blend"- or otherwise known as a master mix- so that you can use it to make some of the other projects. You can also use your master mix to make a natural hair perfume or a personal spray!

Project 2: roller perfume

(Supplies include: empty roller bottle 5ml or 10ml, carrier oil of your choice, vitamin e, optional)

Project 3: solid perfume

(Supplies include: wax (either beeswax, floral wax or vegan choice), jojoba or other suitable carrier oil, your chosen essential oils, vitamin e (optional)

Supplies list

Depending on which projects you want to make, you will need different supplies.

Everyone will need:

  • 12-20 essential oils to choose from
  • perfume test strips
  • empty essential oil dropper bottles (several, in a couple of different sizes)
  • various measuring devices
  • pipettes, disposable
  • digital scale
  • funnels, small

Please feel free to share pictures of your projects! I would love to see them.

Class resources

Terms & definitions

Be sure to download your class workbook- Pdf file attached

15 Lessons

Supplies To Have on Hand
Pro Tips for Getting Started
The Fragrance Wheel
Perfume Story
Describing Perfume
Creating Accords
Creating Floral Accords
Oriental Accords
Woody Accords
Citrus and Fresh Accords
Project: Diffuse Blend
Project: Start by Making Your Master Mix
Project: Roll On Perfume
Natural Perfume Recap
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About the instructor

Deanna Russell is a clinical aromatherapist, registered aromatherapist (RA®), and essential oil therapist (EOT®) She is also the owner and founder of Nature Notes Aromatherapy. 

Deanna is a professional member of CAOA (Canadian Alliance Of Aromatherapy).

Deanna loves gardening, tea blending, design and typography. She has been experimenting with …

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