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Mandala Design

——   Created by Yvette St. Amant

Learn Step-by-Step Mandala Design

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1h 56m
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In this class I'll show you how to create basic guidelines, line design styles, inspiration, and background techniques for creating perfectly unified mandalas. This is a mixed media class using drawing tools, and paint on paper. But that's just the beginning. This class will give you the skills and tools necessary to create larger than life designs that can be incorporated in home decorative items, wall art, and fashion. The possibilities are endless once you've adapted this skill.  

The course project

You will complete a total of five different types of mandalas plus a final project at the end challenging you to create your own unique mandala using all the skills and techniques I've taught you throughout this course.

20 Lessons

3 mins
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3 mins
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8 mins
Drawing Guidelines
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7 mins
Line Design - scallop & geometric shapes
7 mins
Line Design - swirls & squiggles
8 mins
Line Design - petals & leaves
6 mins
Line Design - flowers
7 mins
Building Mandala - Where to Begin
7 mins
Building Mandala - Growing the Design
7 mins
Building Mandala - Detailing each Section
6 mins
Building Mandala - Filling and Finishing
8 mins
Circular Mandala - Selecting your Paper and Pen
8 mins
Circular Mandala - Building the Design
9 mins
Circular Mandala - Options for Changing up the Style
6 mins
Flower Mandala - Background Painting Technique
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About the instructor

Yvette St. Amant

I have been publishing and licensing my art for nearly 20 years. Creating art for the home décor industry is my specialty. My art is …

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