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Manufacturing Engineering - WELDING

——   Created by J Aatish Rao

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The welding industry is not for everyone, as it is a very physically demanding and challenging job. However, it's a job that is essential to a wide variety of products and infrastructures, and it plays an important role in various aspects of everyday life.

When we think about welding, we often don't realize how this industry impacts the world around us. Welding is an essential component of many industries such as the automotive industry, the construction industry, the aviation industry, and more. Without this form of metal work, so many things, including many buildings, gates, and fences, small kitchen appliances, vehicles - and even space travel - would not exist.

With all that in my mind, I have designed this course in such a way that you will get to know the theoretical and practical aspect of welding in a very comprehensive yet concise way.

What this course gonna teach you - How to supervise welding process, What different types of welding processes are there, What are the best practices, How to read coding of electrode etc.

What this course does not teaches you - How to weld.

This course makes you familiar with most of the welding processes and practices followed in many industries.Its not only beneficial for mechanical/manufacturing engineering students studying in college/universities, but also for working professionals who are already working in an industry & wondering how a welder decides which welding process is suitable.

  • In the 1st unit, you will learn about the the basic introduction to welding. 
  • The 2nd unit is all about Liquid state WELDING.(Gas,Arc,Resistance etc.)
  • In the 3rd unit, you are going to know about various types of Solid-state WELDING processes.(Explosive,Friction,Diffusion etc.)
  • The 4th unit is all about Liquid-Solid state WELDING.(Brazing & Soldering)
  • The 5th unit covers all that is left.

The course is quite short yet informative. Even if you are an expert in this field. You will definitely going to learn some new things.

30 Lessons

6 mins
Scope of the course
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4 mins
What is welding?
free preview
2 mins
Types of welding
2 mins
Types of weld joints
2 mins
Types of welds
2 mins
Welding techniques
3 mins
Joint cleaning and fluxing
4 mins
Gas welding
Liquid State Welding
5 mins
OAW - Oxy acetylene (gas) welding
2 mins
Advantages & disadvantages of OAW
3 mins
Colour of flame in gas welding
4 mins
Types of flames
1 min
Torch angle and flame density
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J Aatish Rao
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