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Marbles in colored pencils on drafting film

——   Created by Martine Venis-Heethaar

create your masterpiece with colored pencils on drafting film!

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11h 16m
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In this course, (all realtime video!), I will teach you how to create those beautiful marbles on drafting film. I teach you the whole project from start to finish. Of course there is a possibility to slow down the video or to speed it up (depends on your device). The project is made with colored pencils, I've used the polychromos from Faber Castel. They work really well on drafting film because of their sharp point and they contain less wax then most of the colored pencil brands. So less risk of wax bloom. I've used allmost all the colors, so there is no list of used pencils. In the end there were just a few - not used ones- in the box left. I name every color I use in the project, but of course you can pick your own. I'm working on drafting film. I've used the grafix drafting film .005 . That's the one on a roll. But feel free to use another brand. Some are a little smoother, so you have to keep in mind to work in thin layers!. Further I've used an electric eraser (tihoo has a nice one, but there are other possibilities too). Sometimes I use a Slice ceramic craftsknife on drafting film, but for this one it is not essential.

  • you should have drafting film and colored pencils, for this project; I've used the polychromos 120 pc box (used almost every color)

16 Lessons

47 mins
Lesson 1 - Part 1
40 mins
Lesson 1 - Part 2
48 mins
lesson 2 - Part 1
48 mins
lesson 2 - Part 2
48 mins
lesson 3 - Part 1
49 mins
lesson 3 - Part 2
41 mins
lesson 4 - Part 1
28 mins
lesson 4 - Part 2
35 mins
lesson 4 - Part 3
47 mins
lesson 5 - Part 1
46 mins
lesson 5 - Part 2
47 mins
lesson 6 - Part 1
45 mins
lesson 6 - Part 2
44 mins
lesson 7 - Part 1
37 mins
lesson 7 - Part 2
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About the instructor

Martine  Venis-Heethaar

Martine has attended art school in the Netherlands, this school was specialised in realistic oil painting; painting like the old masters did. But during this …

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