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Master Deng Mengjie's Chinese Painting Lesson

——   Created by Wú Chinese Art Workshop

A Chinese Art course for very beginners! English

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Hello everone!

Welcome to Master Dèng Mèngjié‘s Chinese painting lesson !

This is an art lesson designed for beginners who would like to know some basic knowledge about Chinese painting.

In this course, Master Dèng Mèngjié will share with you how to paint the peony flower, which is also what she famous for. In Chinese culture Peony flower symbolizes noble, rich and elegant. She’ll show how to paint a bud and blossoming peony flowers in different directions.

16 Lessons

4 mins
Preparation for this course
2 mins
Color mixing
2 mins
Peony bud with three petals
2 mins
Peony bud with three petals
2 mins
Peony bud with four petals
5 mins
Peony bud which is about to blossom
5 mins
A bigger blossoming peony bud
3 mins
How to paint the center of blossoming peony bud
7 mins
Upward blossoming peony subtitle
4 mins
Flower core of upward peony subtitle
8 mins
Leftward blossoming peony
3 mins
Flower core of leftward peony
8 mins
Rightward blossoming peony
2 mins
Flower core of rightward peony subtitle
6 mins
Downward blossoming peony subtitle
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About the instructor

Wú Chinese Art Workshop

My name is Becky. I've been teaching for 12 years, I would like to share with you more about Chinese calligraphy and painting! Chinese calligraphy …

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