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Master Layers: Level up your watercolour

——   Created by Hannah Katarski

Take your painting to the next level with blending, layering, and glazing techniques.

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1h 11m
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If your watercolour paintings lack contrast or definition, this is the class for you!

If you struggle to add details or depth, I have created this class to help you become a master of layering.

This class is a must-watch for beginners and perfect to get in the 'watercolour mindset' if you are an acrylic or oil painter.

At the end of this class you will have learned these key concepts:

  • Mixing washes
  • Transparency
  • Different ways to layer colour including using negative space.
  • Order of layers for watercolour painting.
  • Working wet on dry
  • Using multiple layers in one composition - glazing, layering and adding detail.
  • Brush control and precision


In the final project we will put it all into practise! We will utilise transparency and working light to dark in wet on dry layers to paint a sea turtle. BONUS: We will also create a notecard using negative layering.

Class Outline

  1. Layering concepts
  2. Glazing exercise
  3. Transparency
  4. Negative painting
  5. Complex layering
  6. Final project - the sea turtle


Watercolour brushes - round brushes in sizes that feel comfortable. Size 6 or 10 are good. I always recommend you have a 0 or 00 for fine details. It makes all the difference.

Watercolour paper - I like Canson and Fabriano. Anything that is 250-300gsm


A container of water, for rinsing brushes

Pencil and eraser

Flannel, or art rags

A white plate or palette for mixing colours

The templates found under the project tab,

and this Pinterest board.

The course project


Paint a sea turtle! In the final project we will combine our new skills; using transparency; working light to dark; and wet on dry layers to paint a sea turtle. 

1. Use the resource images on the Pinterest board to sketch out your turtle, or trace the provided template onto watercolour paper.

2. Prepare your washes by mixing four values of the one colour.

3. Build up your turtle using 3-4 wet on dry layers of colour, using progressively darker washes.

4. Upload your sea turtle to the project gallery. I'd love to see your warm up exercises too :)

Ask any questions in your projects or on the community board.


11 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
2 mins
Lesson overview
free preview
4 mins
free preview
9 mins
12 mins
9 mins
17 mins
Negative Painting
7 mins
Wash define pattern line
2 mins
Final Project Turtle
11 mins
Turtle 2
1 min


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Mark Dougal liked this class and said...

Really good experience. Lots of great examples and projects to practice by yourself to improve the knowledge by practicing

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