Master Lucid Dreaming

——   Created by Fernando Albert

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5h 57m
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Learn how to Lucid Dream using popular techniques but with a personal touch. Not all methods work the same for everybody, and this course will ensure that you can lucid dream if you follow the teachings. This course is upbeat and dynamic! The course will challenge your learnings by quizzes and especially by home (dreamwork), so you can track your progress and success.

** Now included in this course: Lucid Dreaming Induction tool! **

I taught dozens of students outside here, and I am passing these teachings here at a very affordable price. Everybody interested in Lucid Dreaming will take great advantage of this course. You can't find anywhere some of the techniques that I teach here!

Personalized Mentorship is a crucial part of this course! You will be lucid dreaming and/or increase your skills within weeks!

The course project

Basic Lucid Task:

  • Eat an apple.
  • Attempt to drive a car.
  • Ask a Dream Character to teach you a dream skill.

Advanced Lucid Task:

  • Fly.
  • Use telekinesis.
  • Visit the moon.

Expert Lucid Task:

  • Summon a meteorite and make it collide with Earth. Report back.
  • Fly through a wormhole and find an alien civilization. Ask them to teach you something.
  • The Milky Way and Andromeda are about to collide. Describe what happens.

Master Lucid Task:

  • In the dream, erase everything your eyes can see or just teleport to a void of blackness. Then, erase yourself until you become just consciousness. This is the Super Lucid State, you are pure awareness, and you are in the true Here and Now. Congrats!!

49 Lessons

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What is lucid dreaming?
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Who can lucid dream? Religion? No problem!
Short and long term joy
Healing recurring nightmares
Getting started
Types of dream journals
Dream-wake transition
Importance of serotonin
Transcribing your dream journal
Time to create your dream journal
Using keywords
Using points for reference
Waking life recall
Performing reality checks
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About the instructor

Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of …

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