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Master Percussion for Cinematic Music Composition

——   Created by Mikael Baggström

Cinematic Percussion for Music Composition

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3h 35m
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Your Journey in Cinematic Percussion

Are you ready to master cinematic percussion for your music compositions?

Do you want to create amazing percussion mixes: for epic power...dramatic action...intense energy...or perhaps percussive underscores?

Learning the fundamentals, the guidelines and ways to shape your percussion parts, is essential for getting your creative vision come true in your music compositions. And the great thing about percussion for cinematic music, is that you are free to use practically any type of percussion instruments and sounds, and even blend different types and colors of percussion together into your own unique percussion mix.

My name is Mike, and I am a music composer. Just. Like. You. And in this course I will take you on a learning journey and adventure, where you will unlock the secrets of cinematic percussion.

  • Learn the Guidelines of Cinematic Percussion
  • Explore the Sound Palette and Colors
  • Discover Practical Tips & Insights
  • Get Live Examples & Demonstrations
  • Master Cinematic Percussion for Your Music

The Power of Cinematic Percussion

Percussion is one of the core elements of music, because rhythm is present in every single part and performance you add to your composition. Percussion is also by far the biggest family of instruments and sounds you can add to your music productions. Ranging from a classic drum kit, to orchestral percussion, all the way to sound design elements. Percussion instruments and sounds in all types and colors can add so much to your music.

Take Action, and begin your adventure in cinematic percussion, right now!

  • You need a DAW (Music Production Software)
  • You need to have sounds & plugins for drums & percussion
  • You should already have some music composition experience

32 Lessons

The Foundation of Cinematic Percussion
2 mins
Your Journey in Cinematic Percussion
free preview
3 mins
The Power of Cinematic Percussion
free preview
11 mins
Cinematic Percussion in 10 Min
free preview
15 mins
The Canvas of Percussion
12 mins
The Colors of Percussion
17 mins
The Fundamentals of the Drum Kit
7 mins
The Great Impact of Layering
12 mins
The Importance of Character & Depth
The Sounds of Cinematic Percussion
1 min
Introduction - the Sounds of Cinematic Percussion
6 mins
Acoustic Drum Kit
4 mins
Electronic Drum Kit
7 mins
Orchestral Percussion
4 mins
Traditional Percussion
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About the instructor

Mikael Baggström

Hey Friends! My name is Mike, and I am a Professional Music Composer and Sound Designer from Sweden, with experience of Making Music since 1998. …

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