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Masterclass: How To Use italki Like a Pro - The Ultimate Guide To italki

——   Created by Robin Kunz

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Hello, bonjour, hola, hallo, ciao and olá!

In this class I will show you everything you need to know to get the most out of italki. It’s one the biggest global language learning communities that brings students and teachers together very easily and cost-effectively.

If you ever wanted to learn a language in a very efficient way, that's the perfect tool for you! For example, I have learnt HSK 2 Mandarin and Russian A1 each within 30 days. If you want to know how I could learn the language so quickly, you can watch my other class later. I did a special course dedicated to the system I was using at the time (Click here for more Info)

But back to this italki class. This class contains all the knowledge, tips and tricks I have learned in over 700 lessons and 3 years of experience with italki. In addition to my own experience there are also countless experiences of my friends who have also used italki. I am therefore convinced that everyone who uses italki does not need another class, course, youtube video, blog article etc.

This course was born after I actually wanted to create a blog article for a friend and I thought, why don't I do an in-depth class? And here we are. The entire class is scripted, so I don't elaborate unnecessarily and get straight to the point. You shouldn't watch a four-hour class when you can do it in one or two hours.

I have divided this class into two parts starting from beginner to advanced so that the class is suitable for all levels.

In the first part, we'll look at what italki actually is and how to sign up for it. After that, we'll go through booking a teacher from start to finish. At the end of the first part, we'll look at what a lesson looks like and what you can or should do after a completed lesson. So in the first part we cover everything from start to finish so that after this class you can easily choose a teacher on italki.

In the second part, I will share with you all advanced tips and tricks I have learned in over 700 lessons and 3 years of experience with italki


Did you know that if you are considering taking this class, chances are that you are learning a foreign language for one reason or another, right? You might need it for your studies, work, travel, or for connecting with people in your community. In addition, being able to communicate in another language expands our horizons, provides more opportunities, and even increases our chances of getting a higher pay! So don't wait and check out the class.






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32 Lessons

5 mins
3 mins
Part 1 Beginner
7 mins
What Is italki?
3 mins
Getting Started & Registration
16 mins
Search for a Teacher
9 mins
Check the Teachers Profile
2 mins
Book a Lesson
4 mins
Cancel a Lesson
6 mins
Before We Got Into a Lesson
6 mins
Practicing With italki
5 mins
After the Lesson
3 mins
Final Thoughts
3 mins
Part 2 Advanced Tips & Tricks
2 mins
Group 1 Tips at Finding the Best Teachers
18 mins
Try As Many Different Teachers
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