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Mastering the Art of Business Communication

——   Created by Shagun Sharma

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As professionals, we tend to carry our inherent communication skills into our workplace, hoping that it should suffice and refine over time. But eventually, we realise that the business communication formula can be tricky to decode when it comes to working with clients and peers from different backgrounds, verticals or altogether different perspectives. Don’t worry — none of that is what can't be mastered using basic communication frameworks, and I am right here just to teach you those concepts!

I am an experienced business consultant, specialising in Go-to-Market sales strategy and optimisation, leading analytics teams and working with leaders of over 20 markets. This course rounds up my key best practices for business communication, with examples and explanations from my personal journey.


I believe good business communication is fundamentally tied to some key concepts, which will form the basis of our lessons. By the end of the course, you'll learn about:

  • The '3 Key pillars of good business communication'
  • Frameworks on improving the flow of your communication
  • Live example of structuring a client email
  • Improving your tone in a business context


Whether you’re a fresh graduate professional starting your corporate journey, a freelancer looking to hit that sweet pitch over an email, or an experienced corporate leader looking to elevate your skills, the foundational knowledge shared in the course will set you up for success and allow you to really 'Master the Art of Business Communication'!

The course project

Prepare a client email using any of the 3 frameworks we discussed!

The subject of the email is "COVID-19's impact on Uber's declining share" OR any of your choice. It doesn’t have to be long or involved — just pick a theme, bring up arbitrary facts, break it down into a story being mindful of the frameworks and revise.

I'm excited to see how well you can use structure and toning to your advantage!

Resources and links

  • Download the course workbook
  • Find Shagun on LinkedIn

7 Lessons

3 mins
6 mins
Lesson 1 - Vocabulary & Structure
3 mins
Lesson 2 - COIN Framework
6 mins
Lesson 3 - SCQA Framework
7 mins
Lesson 4 - RCA Framework
6 mins
Lesson 5 - Toning
2 mins

About the instructor

Shagun  Sharma
Shagun Sharma
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 I'm Shagun.


During the daytime, I'm a business consultant (LinkedIn) in a leading sales and marketing consultancy firms, specialising in Go-to-Market sales …

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