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Meditation & Consciousness Teacher/Practitioner - Accredited

——   Created by Mohmood Valimohamed

The Art of Witnessing - Using Meditation, Consciousness, Energy Healing & Spirituality, Accredited Certification Program

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The Art of Witnessing was inspired by the teachings of Enlightened Masters. This a simple and powerful method that teaches you how to live consciously in the present moment. This program will give you the knowledge and tools to become a Meditation and Consciousness Coach/Practitioner. This program is accredited by the "International Association of Therapists - IAOTH" and is internationally recognized! Graduates of this program are eligible for membership of this association at a great discount. If you are a practitioner of complimentary therapies, you are eligible for discounts of up to 70% for membership of this great association. We encourage you to use the knowledge gained from this program in your personal as well as professional life as a coach/practitioner!

10 Lessons

Module 1 - The Art of Witnessing
12 mins
Part 1 - Introduction to Witnessing
21 mins
Part 2 - Practical Aspects of Witnessing
Module 2 - Fundamentals of Meditation
7 mins
Importance of Meditation
Module 4 - Guided Meditation/Visualization for Witnessing
22 mins
Witnessing - Guided Meditation
Module 5 - Introduction to Energy Healing
8 mins
Energy Healing Therapy
Module 6 - Universal Consciousness - Video
11 mins
Universal Consciousness - Part 1
13 mins
Universal Consciousness - Part 2
Module 7 - Transformation of the mind to Spiritual Consciousness - Video
27 mins
Transformation of the Mind
Module 8 - Introduction to Deep Breathing
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About the instructor

Mohmood Valimohamed

My Story

Hi, I am Mohmood, and I have spent my life devoted to the practice of spiritual awakening and helping others expand their consciousness. …

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