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Microsoft Excel Intermediate course

——   Created by Stephen Saxton

A must for Excel users

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6h 23m
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You will learn how to use some of the more common functions like IF statements, CountIF , Vlookup, Hlookup and SumIf. You will also see how you can create create superb visualisations using charts and maps. The Pivot tables and charts feature will enable you to manage and report on large data sets and remain in control of your data no matter how complicated the raw data set looks.

Outline is below:

· Conditional formatting

· Average function/Count

· Maximum function/Sum

· Minimum function/SumIF

· Basic Scenarios

· Sheet Layout and design

· Named Cells/Ranges

· Absolute Referencing/ percentages

· Basic Pivot Tables

· Using 3-D Referencing

· Goal Seek

· Data Tables

· Sheet and cell Protection

· Linking Sheets and Workbooks

· Using Array Formulae

· Using Group and Outline/Saving Views

· Naming Worksheets

· Using the Subtotals Feature

· Creating Templates

· Basic Lookups/Basic IF

Who this course is for:
  • Microsoft Excel intermediate users, administrators, finance support workers, business owners, training an development creators
  • Don't miss out, Excel is a great time saver, but if you don't know how to do something, Excel can be a great time waster.

42 Lessons

Overview Presentation
8 mins
27 mins
1.0 Linking sheets and workbooks
6 mins
1.1 Linking Sheets Instructions
15 mins
1.4 Revision exercise Instructions
Names and Conditioning Formatting
11 mins
2.0 Names and Named Ranges
15 mins
3.0 Conditional Formatting
5 mins
3.0A Automatically highlight weekends
15 mins
3.1 Exercise Tracker
10 mins
3.2 Weight Loss Tracker
8 mins
3.3 Covid19 Test Monitor
9 mins
3.4 Conditional Formatting and names exercise instructions
Grouping, Subtotals, CountIF and Forms
11 mins
4.0 Grouping and Outline
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About the instructor

Stephen  Saxton

I am a Microsoft Office, Project and Visio trainer with over twenty two years experience. Delivering training sessions to over fifteen thousand delegates. I am based …

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