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Microsoft Outlook can do so much more than send emails. Whether you are new to Outlook or have been using it for years, it’s a tool that Microsoft keeps improving, and they’ve added even more features into Outlook 2019.


If you’re spending a lot of your day performing the same tasks in Outlook (move to folder, archive, delete, add an item to calendar), then there is probably a way to automate a LOT of this. Stop wasting your time and learn to put this essential Office tool to work for you.


In this course, we leave no stone unturned as we take you from the basics of email and calendar, through to working with contacts, auto-replies, recalling messages (yes, you can do that), tasks, notes and so much more.


Learn to use Outlook and improve your productivity.


In this course you will learn:


●     How to get set up in Outlook

●     Some useful Outlook keyboard shortcuts

●     All about sending and receiving emails

●     How to customize your mailbox and view

●     How to search in Outlook

●     How to organize and manage your mail including ignoring, flagging and conditional formatting

●     How to effectively deal with Junk Mail

●     Attaching files, photos, and graphics in Outlook

●     About recalling a message

●     How to use signatures and voting buttons

●     How to best use, add to, and manage contacts

●     Working with the Outlook Calendar, including creating meetings and appointments

●     How to share Calendars with colleagues

●     How to use Tasks in Outlook

●     How to create Notes and link Outlook to OneNote

●     How to print the right thing in Outlook


Course Format

●     This is a video-led course. You can preview some videos below.

●     This course includes practice exercises.

●     This course is aimed at PC users.


Course Certificate Included


59 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction to Outlook 2019
An Overview of Outlook 2019
free preview
Outlook 2019 vs Outlook Online in Office 365
free preview
What to Expect from this Course
Getting Help with Outlook 2019
Keyboard Shortcuts
Navigating the Outlook Interface
Section 2: Setting Up Outlook
The Ribbons and the Quick Access Toolbar
Adding an Email Account
Practice Exercise 01
Sending and Receiving Mail
Section 3: Sending and Receiving Mail
Focused Inbox
Customizing the Inbox
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