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Microsoft Teams

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3h 40m
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Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the new way to communicate. In this comprehensive Microsoft Teams Online Course, we show you how to get started with Teams and make the most of this business-essential software.


There is so much more to Microsoft Teams than chat. Use it correctly, and you can dramatically improve productivity across your business. In this course, we assume no prior knowledge and start at the very beginning. We cover both the online and desktop versions of Teams and highlight the differences between them.


In this course you will learn:


●     How to access, download and set up Teams

●     How to create your first team and manage members and channels

●     All about posting and receiving public and private messages

●     How to user announcements, tags, and message extensions

●     How to schedule an audio or video call

●     How to use the audio and video calling options including recording calls

●     How to use the meeting notes function

●     How to create a wiki

●     All about using apps, bots, and connectors

●     How to adjust admin and user settings

●     How to use Teams on your mobile device

35 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction to Teams
6 mins
What is Microsoft Teams and why is it useful?
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7 mins
What to Expect from this Course
free preview
6 mins
How to access/download Teams
12 mins
Overview of the Teams Dashboard
5 mins
Getting Help with Microsoft Teams
15 mins
Create a Team and Add Internal and External Team Members
Section 2: Creating Teams and Starting Conversations
5 mins
Join an Existing Team
11 mins
Manage teams and members
10 mins
Create and Manage Channels
4 mins
Post and Receive Messages
5 mins
Target messages using @mentions
4 mins
Editing and Deleting Messages
5 mins
Bookmark and Like Messages
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Simon Sez IT
Simon Sez IT
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