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Mixing Audio for Animation in Audacity

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Learn how to put together the music, dialogue and sound effects in a single mix to use in your animation.

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2h 27m
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More about this course

In this course you will learn how to use audacity to mix down the audio for your animations.

Before starting, I will show you how to download this free software.

Then we will learn how to create a new project

Then I will show you some tricks to playback the audio, how to transport the cursor up and down, how to zoom in, zoom out.

How to manage different tracks, work with waveforms, understanding the spectrogram...

The difference between stereo and mono channels.

Then after you know all the basics, we will dive in to learn how to use the tools so you can understand the editing process inside audacity.

How to cut, move clips around, use labels.

And also, how to record audio with your smart phone, and make it sound decent, when you have no budget.

You will learn a little bit about acoustics.

And if you have a studio room with foam on the walls, then I will show you how to record inside audacity.

Then, I will show you how to improve your recordings, we will take the recording made with my smart phone, clean it up, use some equalization and compression, and make it sound good enough for a simple animation.

Then we will edit the audio and do the mixing for a little scene of an animated short.


So, hop right in, enroll and let's get it started with this journey, so you can start mixing the audio for your animations.

See you inside!

17 Lessons

2 mins
2 mins
Downloading Audacity
3 mins
Creating a New Project
Getting Familiar with Audacity
8 mins
Playback and Transport
6 mins
Zooming And Navigation
10 mins
Managing Tracks
7 mins
Showing Waveform And Spectogram
6 mins
Mono And Stereo Tracks
Tools and Techniques for Recording and Mixing
9 mins
Editing Tracks
7 mins
Using Labels to Identify Sections
9 mins
Recording Audio with your Smart Phone and Good Acoustics
6 mins
Recording Audio Inside Audacity
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