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Mobile Filmmaking: Plan, Shoot & Edit a Short Documentary

——   Created by Robb Montgomery

Documentary filmmaking & videography. Shoot & Edit Video with Filmmaker Robb Montgomery. Step-by-step for short films.

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2h 07m
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This iPhone videography course features an award-winning documentary short film that was shot with mobile devices.

This is an advanced level course that builds upon the my iPhone Filmmaking for beginners course. You may also think to complete the "iPhone Filmmaking: Filmic Pro & LumaFusion app" course before diving into this course.

"Great course - thanks Robb! I'm an experienced video producer who works with crews - but looking to film more of my own content with my iPhone 11. I took notes throughout and picked up some useful tips on kit. Will look up more of Robb's courses and websites. Thanks again!"

— Victoria Masterson ★★★★★

You will need the experience from the foundation course to get the most from this in-depth course.

Here is where we take you deep inside the process of making award-winning films. The author has won 19 film festival honors from international competitions in the documentary category.

You will go behind the lens and learn every step in making an original documentary film.

In this course you apply advanced filmmaking techniques that help you to produce a movie about a person, event, activity, place, brand, or issues that you care deeply about.

Films are an amazing way to connect people to a person, a product, idea, or mission. They give the viewer the feeling of a long-lasting connection.  

In these detailed step-by-step lessons, filmmaker Robb Montgomery will take you backstage and behind the lens to see exactly how to plan, produce, film and edit a long-form documentary film with mobile video gear. 

Montgomery shows you how he solo-produces a broadcast quality film in Berlin with no crew, no script, no budget, and no automobile.

You will learn how to:

  1. Scout and recruit an interesting film subject
  2. Prepare a shot list
  3. Develop interview questions
  4. Prepare the gear and subjects
  5. Use locations to full effect
  6. Develop sophisticated motion shots
  7. Edit scenes, sequences, string outs and sound bites into a compelling visual statement

Intended Audience: Journalists, film makers, teachers, advertisers, musicians, artists

Who this course is for:
  • Students
  • photographers
  • video editors
  • teachers
  • videographers
  • mobile journlists

32 Lessons

Documetry Filmmaking: Getting Started
3 mins
Smartphone Filmmaking: Advanced Course
2 mins
The Big Picture
Finding A Documentry Subject
6 mins
Interview Prep
Cinema Camera Settings
4 mins
Screen Tests
7 mins
Why ND Filters Are Essential if You Want to Get the Film Look on a Smartphone
3 mins
Camera settings and look up tables - Filmic Pro and Final Cut Pro X
14 mins
Exercise: Log gamma and Lut Settings
Filming Interviews and Performance
6 mins
Interview Takes
3 mins
Live Performance Takes
Discovering the Personality
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About the instructor

Robb  Montgomery
Robb Montgomery
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As a media development trainer, Montgomery leads programs in Video Reporting, Digital Transformation and Broadcast Television in more than 40 countries. He produces workshops …

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