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Modelling a Matchstick and burning it down in Cinema 4D

——   Created by CS Motion Design

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More about this course

Hi, my name is Christian. Welcome to the Course!

I am a motion designer and 3D generalist with over 9 years experience in the industry. 

I have only recently started to create online courses.

What will you learn?

You will learn to use the new VDB Modeling tool in Cinema 4D. As well as the combination of deformers, fields, vertex maps and octane materials. And some basic light setup.


- Cinema 4D R20 (or higher)

- Octane Render

In this course I will show you how to easily create a match using VDB Modeling. Then we will transform it into a burnt match with the help of vertex maps, deformer and fields. We will also create and integrate some Octane materials.

We will take care of the following material contents:

-Creating the Matschstick Model with VDB Modelling

-Setting up the Camera and lights

- Creating Our Materials and Combinie them With A Vertex Map

-Creating The Transition using a Vertex Map, Fields and Deformer

- TurbulenceFD Tip/Show off/ Breakdown

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for those who want to extend their understanding of VDB modeling, deformer, fields, vertex maps and octane.

Background Music i used:

The course project

As a task for this class I would really like to see what you can achieve with this workflow.

Create your own match model using the technique you learned here.

Then use this model to create a transition from a normal match to a burnt match.

You can play with the deformers to achieve results other than those shown here.

If you have Octane, try to customize the materials according to your imagination.

I'm really looking forward to See your results and different Animations!

6 Lessons

1 min
free preview
6 mins
Creating the matchstick model by VDB modeling
free preview
5 mins
Setting up the camera and light
17 mins
Creating our materials and combine them with a vertex map
16 mins
Creating the transition using a vertex map, fields and deformer
3 mins
TurbulenceFD tipp breakdown

About the instructor

CS Motion Design

Hello, my name is Christian. I am a motion designer and 3D generalist. I've worked in the industry for nine years.

During this time I …

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