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Mongo GoLang Go Python PHP Node React Management Interface

——   Created by Zach LaCourse

With a 3D React Interface

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24h 41m
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Hi Guys we are going to be building 4 interfaces to manage a mongo database. We will be using NodeJs, Python, Golang, and PHP. In the course we create a Login Stems with Access Tokens and Refresh Tokens and Bypass Tokens for other interfaces to use for communicate to our back-end servers. React is used as the frontend and has a pretty intense 3D interface to swing quickly between the languages and the interfaces. There is a lot of code here and the swinging between 4 different languages is fun so i figured i would create something to express that N-JOY

122 Lessons

17 mins
What We Are Buildng
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4 mins
Setup and Direction 001
6 mins
Setup / Download Interface & Nodejs Install
9 mins
Nginx and Node Environment
10 mins
Finish Nginx & Node Interface Setup
Install / Configure / Test Mongo
9 mins
Mongo Install Setup Test
NodeJs Backend Server
18 mins
Node Server Start
8 mins
Finish Node Rest.js Run Test Route
28 mins
Start Login Box (Frontend)
11 mins
Login Box Continued (Frontend) P2
22 mins
Login Box Continued (Frontend) P3
15 mins
Send Credz Auth Login Route
20 mins
Add User Wireup Mongo Rest
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Zach LaCourse
Zach LaCourse
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The struggle is real. I love guitars and coding. I am an introvert and have had a passion for coding since I was 13. …

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