Move up a Grade Revision Guide

——   Created by Ross Maynard

A Revision guide for students in all subjects at school, university and professional levels

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  • Ross Maynard
    Ross Maynard

    Process Improvement Specialist

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    I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants specialising in process improvement. I have nearly 30 years experience in consultancy, facilitation and training. I have published numerous online courses on process improvement, performance measurement, KPIs, problem solving and more.

    I live in Scotland with my wife, daughter and our Cocker Spaniel.

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    3 mins
    Introduction and Agenda
    free preview
    7 mins
    Structure Your Day and Your Week
    free preview
    3 mins
    Start Each Day on a Positive Note
    3 mins
    Revision Phase 1
    3 mins
    Revision Phase 2
    3 mins
    Give your Mind a Break
    5 mins
    Revision Phase 3
    2 mins
    Revision Phase 4
    3 mins
    Exam Preparation 1
    6 mins
    Exam Preparation 2
    10 mins
    A simple technique to reduce stress and boost learning
    6 mins
    The Exam
    7 mins
    Final Thoughts on Revision
    8 mins
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    What you'll learn

    Exams are a difficult time. Studying can be tedious and frustrating, but you have to put in the hours in to get the marks.

    There are no quick fixes, but you can get a better grade with a good revision strategy.

    This course presents the revision strategy I used to get the second highest mark in the finals of my accountancy qualifications and 10 A’s out of 11 exams through three years of accountancy study.

    The revision strategy is not complicated, and you still have to do the work – it’s not a magic solution – but it guides you through each phase of revision, and the exam itself, to help you get the best possible marks.

    I firmly believe that this revision strategy will get you a better mark than you would have without it.

    Thank you for your interest in this course. I hope this course will help you prepare for your exams