Music Composition - How to Compose Epic Music

——   Created by Mikael Baggström

Epic Cinematic Music Composition

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  • Mikael Baggström
    Mikael Baggström

    Music Composer | Sound Designer

  • Biography

    Hey Friends! My name is Mike, and I am a Professional Music Composer and Sound Designer from Sweden, with experience of Making Music since 1998.

    My Qualifications: I have run my own Media Production Business since 2004, which means Music/Sound/Video/Graphic Production. I also have a True Passion to teach, share and inspire creative people like you to master your creative skills, develop a successful strategy, and create your amazing future.

    My Style: I believe that learning should be fun, and I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. So I mix it up by changing lecture forms etc.

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    Course content

    The Foundations of Epic Music Composition
    2 mins
    Your Adventure in Epic Music
    free preview
    3 mins
    The Power of Epic Music
    free preview
    26 mins
    Live Example – The Chaos of War
    free preview
    2 mins
    Assignment Sound Instinct
    The Power of Epic Music
    20 mins
    Rhythm & Percussion in Epic Music
    20 mins
    Chords & Harmony in Epic Music
    12 mins
    Melody & Theme in Epic Music
    The Sound of Epic Music
    7 mins
    Powerful Percussion
    11 mins
    Ostinato Strings
    7 mins
    Driving Pulses
    4 mins
    Lush Strings
    6 mins
    Big Brass
    5 mins
    Huge Choirs
    3 mins
    Fast Woodwinds
    4 mins
    Deep Piano
    6 mins
    Authority Sustains
    5 mins
    Epic Hits
    8 mins
    Strong Motion
    4 mins
    Lyrical Solo Parts
    5 mins
    Ambient Soundscapes
    The Guidelines of Epic Music
    5 mins
    Bold Sounds
    7 mins
    Heavy Accents
    7 mins
    Hybrid workflow
    10 mins
    Build the Energy
    9 mins
    Huge Contrasts
    8 mins
    Energetic Transitions
    4 mins
    Pulse for Drive
    9 mins
    Layering for Power
    4 mins
    Length for Emphasis
    6 mins
    Silence for Effect
    Tips for Epic Music
    14 mins
    Tempo for Energy
    17 mins
    Rhythm for Action
    23 mins
    Groove for Intensity
    13 mins
    Contrast for Power
    16 mins
    Minimalism for Focus
    2 mins
    Assignment - Practice the Guidelines
    Live Examples of Epic Music
    17 mins
    Live Example - Dark Action Thriller
    28 mins
    Live Example - Engines of Fire
    15 mins
    Live Example - Stronger Than Steel
    2 mins
    Assignment - 16 Bars of Music
    2 mins

    What you'll learn

    Your Adventure in Epic Music Composition

    Hello Composers, Mike here. And you are about to go on a new learning adventure. Your destination for this journey, is to learn the secrets epic cinematic music.


    1. The Foundations of Epic Music
    2. The Guidelines of Epic Music
    3. The Sounds of Epic Music
    4. Practical Tips on Epic Music
    5. Many Live Demonstrations & Examples

    In the end, you will be able to create epic music in any style you choose: from intense battle music, to powerful heroic music, to huge, grand and larger than life music. Because you will master the foundations, the guidelines, and the sound palette of epic music.

    I strongly recommend that you go to Spotify or your favorite music streaming service and start listening to composers that make epic music, whether it is orchestral, hybrid or mainly focused on sound design.

    Here are a couple of my favorite composers that have created lots of epic music compositions:

    • Two Steps from Hell
    • Thomas Bergersen
    • Nick Phoenix

    When you listen to these composer’s music, or any other epic music composer, make sure you listen with the purpose of learning at the same time as you enjoy the music.


    My name is Mike, and I am a composer.

    Just. Like. You. =)

    I started making music back in 1998. And I love to educate, motivate, and inspire creative people, like yourself.


    So take action now, and start your journey to become a master of epic music composition. Let’s begin your adventure, right now! =)

    • You need a DAW (Music Production Software)
    • You need to have sounds & plugins for cinematic music
    • You should already have some music composition experience