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Music Composition - How to Compose Scary Music

——   Created by Mikael Baggström

Master Darkness and Tension in Music Composition

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3h 12m
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Your Journey in Dark Music

Hello Composers, Mike here. And you are about to go on a new learning adventure. Your destination for this journey, is to learn the secrets of darkness, tension, dissonance and intensity in music. So that you will be able to compose and create scary and dark music of all styles, from powerful and evil action music, to ominous and creepy atmospheric music.

You will Master Dark Music Composition

  • The Foundations of Dark Music
  • The Guidelines for Dark Music
  • The Sounds of Dark Music
  • Dark Music in Action

You will get lots of practical tips, live examples, breakdowns and demonstrations, as well as several opportunities to practice what you learn so that you will truly master the knowledge you gain.

Let me first define what I mean by Dark Music, because I use this genre term in a broad sense. Here are some examples of styles and moods of dark music:

  • Evil & Powerful
  • Dark Underscore
  • Thrilling Tension
  • Ominous & Intense
  • Scary Chaos

This means that dark music composition is all about creating an overall mood and emotional response that can be summed up in one word: tension. But tension can come in many different colors in music, from shrill piercing harmonics, to dark brooding drones. From rhythmic accented power notes, to deep rich legato notes. Basically this will cover anything from the Darth Vader theme, all the way to the Aliens soundtrack.

My Story and Journey

My name is Mike, and I am a composer.

Just. Like. You. =)

I started making music back in 1998. And I love to educate, motivate, and inspire creative people, like yourself.


So take action now, and start your journey to master dark music composition. Let’s begin your adventure, right now! =)

  • You need a DAW (Music Production Software)
  • You need to have sounds & plugins for cinematic music
  • You should already have some music composition experience

19 Lessons

Dark Music Composition - Foundations
3 mins
Your Journey in Dark Music
free preview
3 mins
The Power of Dark Music
free preview
13 mins
Dissonant Intervals - The Core of Tension
free preview
9 mins
Dissonant Intervals - How you Play them
5 mins
Tension Articulations
5 mins
Tension Sounds
8 mins
Tension Effects
8 mins
Unexpected Changes
40 mins
Dark Music Breakdown - Escape the Silence
3 mins
Assignment - Sound Instinct
Dark Music In Action
8 mins
Jaws - Main Theme
13 mins
Star Wars - Imperial March
15 mins
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Kraken
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About the instructor

Mikael Baggström

Hey Friends! My name is Mike, and I am a Professional Music Composer and Sound Designer from Sweden, with experience of Making Music since 1998. …

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