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Name Your Product In 1 Hour

——   Created by Sorin Amzu

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1h 33m
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Branding is all around - products, apps, websites, companies. Learn how create that killer name for your product, with a simple 3 step method!

Find out how to:

  • generate 15 names in under 10 minutes
  • create names that are recognizable, memorable and short
  • use a MindMap to organize the names
  • save money by securing the cheapest domain
  • avoid paying freelancers or agencies for coming up with a great name

Imagine naming your app and getting 1000s a downloads a day, because it was keyword-optimized and the name told the whole story!

Also get:

  1. Full time access to all future updates (guides, checklists, videos etc.)
  2. Three hands-on case studies showing you the naming process step-by-step

The course project

Add any names you've generated using this method.

10 Lessons

Section 1: INTRO + DOs & DONTs
16 mins
INTRO To The Course + DOs & DONTs
Section 2: Famous Brand Names
6 mins
Famous Brand Names And Their Birth
Section 3: The Mindmap Process
11 mins
Use Mindmapping As A Tool For Brainstorming And Organization
Section 4: Time Saving Tools
11 mins
Time Saving Tools In The Naming Process
Section 5: Secure The Domain
7 mins
Secure The Domain Using The Best Tools
Section 6: Case Study #1
14 mins
Case Study #1
Section 7: Case Study #2
9 mins
Case Study #2
Section 8: Case Study #3
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Sorin Amzu
Sorin Amzu
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One thing I've been passionate about all my life is teaching others what I have learned, in order to improve their existence. I've started down …

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