Networking-To-Go: A Step-by-Step Guide to Grow Your Network!

——   Created by Dylan Schettler-Moncus

Identify the fundamentals of networking, body language techniques, and essential phrases!

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  • Dylan Schettler-Moncus
    Dylan Schettler-Moncus

    Realtor, Non-Profit Enthusiast, Eagle Scout

  • Biography

    **Southern Oregon Realtor of the Moncus Group**

    **Board of Director - Rogue Valley YMCA**

    **Former Social Worker & Career Specialist**

    **Former Emerging Leader of Southern Oregon for 2019**

    Having worked in the higher education industry and the non-profit world, I have developed a talent for finding people's gifts and showcasing their skills. Under my work, I have assisted hundreds of job seekers in finding employment with high paying jobs (Asante, Keller Williams, etc.) and supported thousands with resumes, cover letters, and networking skills.

    My professional career has consisted of the employment industry and real estate. I also serve my community through local non-profits that manage various entities including childcare programs, housing, recreation centers, and financial saving programs.

    My goal for my courses is to make the job seeking process easier and methodical for those looking for work or to expand their network. With so much information out there, it is hard to tell what is right and what is misleading. Having provided job seeking strategies for former clients, this is an area that I have lived and grown an expertise in. I hope to share my experience with students just like yourself and provide as much insight as I can!

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    2 mins
    Introduction Video - How to Use this Course
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    8 mins
    My Story
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    9 mins
    5 Reasons Why Networking is to Your Advantage
    6 mins
    4 Fundamentals to Networking
    7 mins
    5 Steps to Prepare for a Networking Event
    18 mins
    Body Language
    6 mins
    What to Wear at a Networking Event
    13 mins
    The 10 Essential Phrases
    2 mins
    Practice Assignment 1
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    5 mins
    The 4 Step Follow-Up
    2 mins
    Practice Assignment 2
    13 mins
    The Exchange
    9 mins
    6 Places to Meet Influencers
    2 mins
    Practice Assignment 3
    4 mins
    4 Concept Recap
    1 min

    What you'll learn

    In 2018, I connected with over 100+ influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs, millionaires, and billionaires! 

    No, I don't mean shaking hands with someone and moving on with my day. I mean physically collecting a business card, requesting for a follow-up, and sitting down with the individual; building friendships and relationships that I maintain TODAY! I have met with cryptocurrency experts, real estate moguls, digital nomads, authors, business consultants, Instagram Influencers, elected officials, and in just about every industry or profession you can think of.

    Whether you are prospecting for a business partner or you are attempting to find a mentor, I have created a step-by-step process to help you in this effort! From body language techniques to essentials phrases to use, there is a lot from my time in these past 5 years that I have learned and have created just for you! Here is what you will get out of my course:

    • 5 Steps to Prepare for a Networking Event
    • What SPECIFICALLY to Wear
    • 10 Essential Phrases
    • 10 Key Body Language Techniques
    • The 4 Step Follow-Up
    • 8 Coffee Exchange Questions to Keep Your Follow-Up Appointment Engaged
    • 6 Places to Meet Key Networking Connections
    • 3 Practice Assignments
    • 24/7 Instructor Capability for Feedback

    Even if you are shy or have a hard time talking about yourself, Networking-To-Go is for you! With multiple lectures and practice assignments and many more resources for you to utilize, you have EVERYTHING to be successful in my program! In fact, with the 30-day money back guarantee, you have absolutely NO RISK in learning my strategies in Networking-To-Go. If you are wanting to learn the basics or are wanting to strike conversation or are wanting to instill influence, don't hesitate to take this opportunity upon yourself!

    If you are still hesitant on taking the next step, every student has access to contact me for any questions or additional support. YOU ARE MY TOP PRIORITY! In addition to this course, you will have access to a Facebook Page that posts content regularly for you to utilize within and beyond the program! You NEVER stop learning!

    I'll see you in class! :)


    Dylan M.