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Neural Networks Fundamentals

——   Created by Ritesh Kanjee

Welcome to the Fun and Easy Deep Learning Course

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1h 27m
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Are you Intrigued by the field of Neural Networks? Then this course is for you! We will take you on an adventure into the amazing of field Deep Learning with respect to computer vision. Each section consists of fun and intriguing whiteboard explanations with regards to important concepts in Artificial Neural Networks and industry used models which you will enhance your comprehension of this vast yet lucrative sub-field of Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

7 Lessons

19 mins
Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
13 mins
Recurrent Neural Networks LSTMs and Vanishing and Exploding Gradients
12 mins
Convolutional Neural Networks
13 mins
YOLOv1 - v3 Theory
12 mins
YOLOv4 Theory
11 mins
Mask R-CNN Tutorial
12 mins
Open Pose Intuition


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Steve Mcdougson liked this class and said...

So far the explanations are clear and easy to follow. Puts everything into context before diving in which I appreciate a lot!

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I've graduated from University of Johannesburg as an Electronic Engineer with a Masters in Image Processing and 8 years ago I started my online school …

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